TAM Ireland is managed by a Board of Directors, who represent all member broadcasters and agencies. In addition, TAM Ireland has 4 working groups:

1) Technical Committee composed of experts in the field of TV research

2) Future Measurement Development Group

3) Communications Group

4) Data Implementation Group

The various groups & their activities are co-ordinated by the CEO of TAM Ireland, Jill McGrath.

Structure of the Board of TAM Ireland:

The board of directors meet every 6 weeks and manage the business of TAM Ireland. The structure of the board is illustrated below:

The Technical Committee 

The Technical Committee members meet every 6 weeks. The committee includes representatives from all broadcasters plus a number of representatives from the ad agencies. There are currently a total of 24 members.

The role of the technical committee is to ensure the integrity of the data and monitor Nielsen’s performance based on agreed KPI’s. The groups responsibilities include quality control, data queries, reporting and software. The group is key to the smooth running of TAM Ireland.

The Future Measurement Development Group (FMDG)

The Future Measurement Development Group also meet on a monthly basis. Their long-term objective is to measure all forms of video, both long and short-form from all devices both inside and outside of the home.

With technology changing at a rapid rate, it is vital that as an industry we ensure the measurement of new technologies is investigated and developed on an on-going basis. This group regularly liase with International experts and they also work with parties outside the broadcast industry to ensure that TAM Ireland is at the very fore-front of measurement across multi platforms. The group are currently working on developing pilot studies for new measurement challenges.

The Communications Group

The key objectives of the Communications Group are to improve the reputation of TAM Ireland and to promote the power of Television. This group are responsible for developing and maintaining the TAM Ireland website. Working closely with the CEO of TAM Ireland, Jill McGrath, they produce quarterly newsletters for the industry and organise events for the TAM Ireland community.

Data Implementation Group (DIG)

The Data Implementation Group is made up of broadcasters only. Its role is to manage all data that feeds into and reports out of systems used by the TV advertising industry in Ireland. The data systems involved are Caria, Nielsen Attributions, DDS, Techedge, Landmark, Digitex, Accenture and Channel 4.

This group also assesses the impact any changes within TAM and Attributions are likely to have on commercial software systems or trading.

Two key objectives for this group are to:

1) Improve accuracy of Attributions

2) Develop a TAM Ireland specification