Welcome to our ever-expanding library of inspiring TV advertising case studies. We have two sources for this library: winners and shortlisted entries of the TAMI Awards and also ADFX Award winners (thanks to IAPI) . The ADFX Awards are based on proven  impact, and honour the most effective advertising campaigns that appeared in the Irish market. The TAMI Awards are held to recognise and celebrate inspired uses of TV and to celebrate the best in TV planning. Happy reading!

"We had to build a long-term communications platform that grew consideration and brand trust. To deliver on this role we decided to focus on the most trusted media channels – TV and Video on Demand (VOD)." (2018 Energia)

Date added: 20/11/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies

"The Wait’ campaign was led by national OOH and TV demonstrating physical presence and coverage." "At this stage, we began to substantially increase our investment in TV demonstrating the confidence of a national network and recruiting non-users through emotion-led media. (2018 Vodafone)

Date added: 23/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies

"We had to maintain a significant TV presence. New news campaigns boost TV ROI– we needed to focus on using TV to tell the big news for launch, not get bogged down in the detail of product offers. An increase in the weight of VOD increases the impact of TV spend – we un-weighted significantly for our launch campaign, and incorporated bespoke executions to optimise view-through rates." (2016 Virgin Media launch)

Date added: 16/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies