Welcome to our ever-expanding library of inspiring TV advertising case studies. We have two sources for this library: winners and shortlisted entries of the TAMI Awards and also ADFX Award winners (thanks to IAPI) . The ADFX Awards are based on proven  impact, and honour the most effective advertising campaigns that appeared in the Irish market. The TAMI Awards are held to recognise and celebrate inspired uses of TV and to celebrate the best in TV planning. Happy reading!

"The Wait’ campaign was led by national OOH and TV demonstrating physical presence and coverage." "At this stage, we began to substantially increase our investment in TV demonstrating the confidence of a national network and recruiting non-users through emotion-led media. (2018 Vodafone)

Date added: 23/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies

"TV was selected as the lead medium due to its proven efficiency on FMCG return on investment. We extended TV reach, particularly for our younger target, by utilising online video through TV players (RTÉ, 4OD etc.) and YouTube – working our TV assets hard. Our campaign managed to revitalise and reframe this much-loved product but largely invisible brand into a modern Irish brand using largely a single execution which was broadcast on TV and VOD, with very limited price promotion. It clearly demonstrates the power of advertising in building both a brand and sales." (2016 McDonnells Curry Sauce)

Date added: 20/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies

"The campaign was spearheaded by a high-energy 60-second TV ad, crafted to challenge preconceptions and to emphasise different and surprising aspects of Ireland as a destination." (2016 Failte Ireland)

Date added: 20/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies

"Our client shared an unexpected impact of the campaign with us earlier this year: “We received a super compliment for our “Not just any bank” campaign from a mum of a 7 year old yesterday: “My 7 yr old daughter was doing her homework and had to put “any” into a sentence. She wrote “don’t choose any bank, choose the saving specialists”. I just laughed. She had seen no TV all day. So it’s safe to say how advertising works.” (2016 RaboDirect)

Date added: 20/07/2018 ADFX Awards, Case Studies