In a decade of disruption, TV viewing is resilient

In 2018, TV reached on average 65.4% of Ireland’s population daily, almost 86.7% across a week and close to 94.8% in a month

(Source TAM Ireland Ltd. / Nielsen TAM, National, All Day, Consolidated, Total TV, Reach 1+% , Adults 15+)

In the last decade, despite disruption from so many new technologies and video services, TV viewing has remained remarkably resilient and there has been very little change in the amount of time we spend watching Broadcaster content.

There is no doubt that people today watch content using on-demand video services more than previous  generations who didn’t grow up with these video platforms. Up until 2016, we were able to report only the Irish industry standard measurement for TV viewing – viewing on a TV set within 7 days of the original broadcast, as measured by Nielsen. However, since 2017, TAM, through the A/V Data Solution, has been able to give a better sense of total TV viewing across all devices and broadcaster formats. 84% of ALL VIDEO VIEWING TIME across all devices remains with Broadcaster content. Digging deeper we can see that 94.1% of average minutes viewed by Adults across commercial formats is Broadcast content ( Live/Recorded /Player/PPV).

(source 2018 AV Data Solution).

So in a broadcast landscape, which has seen the launch of a plethora of new technologies and services  ,the amount spent viewing TV in all its forms remains pretty much unchanged in a decade.