TAM Ireland A/V Data Solution 2017 launched

September 2017 saw the launch of the TAM Ireland A/V Data Solution 2017, Phase 1 in the VISTA project.

The objective for this phase is to provide an A/V Planning Aid  for media agencies and broadcasters.
The A/V Data Solution provides a picture of A/V consumption by device and format, incorporating both in-home and out-of-home viewing. Data is provided on average daily, weekly and monthly reach by device and format, and incremental reach x format along with average daily minutes. The data includes both individuals from TV Households and from All Households and covers 17 demographics.

The TAM Ireland A/V Data Solution is available to all subscribers to the TAM Ireland data – subscribers can get their copy by emailing info@tamireland.ie

An introductory video that explains how to use the A/V Data Solution is below. It contains information on definitions, what is included in the tables and how to navigate them.

More information about the VISTA project can be found here.

A second video on how to use the tool to make a total A/V campaign more efficient can be found here