TAM Ireland release beta version of Video Planning Aid

TAM Ireland are delighted to release the  beta version of the TAM Ireland  Video Planning AId – a first step in the VISTA  project which will develop over time to include more information on the reach and share of all viewing formats across all devices.  As part of it’s VISTA project TAM Ireland committed to providing this interim planning aid while we work towards  building a full cross-platform measurement solution.


TAM Ireland gather data from many different sources:

The TAM Ratings – carried out by Nielsen, this is a metering of all TV set activity in the home from a nationally representative panel of 1050 TV households

The Establishment Survey – conducted by B & A  8250 households interviewed about their devices and access to reception types and broadband in the home

The LifeStyle Survey – a survey conducted by Nielsen of the TV panel members on their behaviour and attitudes

Total Viewing Study – conducted by IPSOS MRBI surveying 1000 individuals on their total viewing habits across all devices and formats on a “yesterday” basis.

It is important to note that the ES, Lifestyle and TVS are all based on claimed activity whereas the TAM Ratings are based on actual viewing activity.

Following a competitive pitch TAM Ireland commissioned Nielsen Data Science team to undertake a data fusion project using the data from all of the above data sources along with data from  their own DAR study

VISTA Phase 1 – A/V Integration (beta) Output

The report delivers a complete picture of media consumption by device and by format incorporating both in-home and out-of home viewing

This beta version provides data on Average Daily Reach by device and format and incremental reach x format  (18th Jan – 14th Feb 2016) based on the TAM Universe of Standard TV Reception Households, TAM Panel across the following demographics:

Adults 15+, 15-24, 25-34, 35+, ABC1 Adults  Men 15+ Women 15+  Housekeepers and Housekeepers with children

The report is available for download in a number of formats from the TAM Ireland website.

For further information please contact

Jill McGrath – Jill@tamireland.ie