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TV advertising is for everyone

A limited budget does not mean a limited TV campaign. Check out our data that details the number of advertisers by TV spend in Ireland 2022 and shows that advertisers large and small embraced the power of TV advertising


TV can make your brand famous

Linear TV is proven to deliver outstanding effectiveness with a still huge audience and reliable ROI. While a brands sales volume and resulting position on the Checkout Top 100 Brands list can influenced by a huge number of factors- marketing, environmental, consumer, financial- looking that this year’s Checkout Top 100 Brands list we can see the point reinforced. We looked at the Checkout Top 100 brands in Ireland and examined the impact TV advertising may have had on their Top 100 ranking.


Ecommerce businesses invested heavily in TV advertising in Ireland in 2021

Ecommerce businesses invested heavily in TV advertising in Ireland in 2021. Online businesses as a category was in 3rd place in terms of share of TV impacts delivered. Check out the slides now


Ireland’s Top 100 brands embrace TV advertising

With the COVID-19 crisis and Brexit causing unprecedented upheaval for the industry TAM Ireland looked at the Checkout top 100 brands in Ireland and examined the impact that changes to their TV advertising may have had on their current Top 100 ranking and into the future. 


TV Advertising: Nickable Charts Ireland 2021 edition

The essential facts and stats that every marketer needs to know about TV advertising in Ireland. Explore this deck full of useful charts, facts and figures to support any presentation.


Ireland’s Top 100 FMCG brands and TV advertising

The Checkout Top 100 Brands ranking is a showcase of the biggest players in Ireland’s FMCG sector. Being included on the list, is a huge achievement for any brand and maintaining and indeed, increasing your brand’s position on the list is an even bigger feat.  This year TAM Ireland wanted to explore the relation between the Top brands in Ireland and TV advertising. Read our findings here.


Worldwide figures confirm the effectiveness of TV advertising

Trade bodies and broadcasters around the world have joined forces for the third time to release figures on TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium.


How does different media perform at different spend levels?

This chart from Thinkbox focuses on the effectiveness of TV advertising investment for new to TV advertisers and considers how different media perform at different spend levels. Find out how by downloading it now.


Charts every advertiser should cherish

The last 12 months have seen effectiveness move to the centre of the advertising industry – the place it should always have been. Our friends in Thinkbox have put together the charts that no advertiser should ignore.


TV: The World’s Most Effective Advertising Medium

The global proof of TV’s power and popularity can be seen in the Global TV Deck. The deck features data from over 24 countries and covers topics such as TV’s reach, popularity, resilience, trust, impact, and effectiveness.


TV captures the attention of your target audience

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