The Long Lunch 2022

The Long Lunch was back for 2022 and we has the a fantastic Dave Trott as keynote speaker for the event

Dave Trott is one of the most iconic names in the field of marketing and advertising. The legendary copywriter advised the audience to think differently about how they approach advertising- “Instead of thinking what can I do that everybody else is doing, you should be thinking what can I do that no one else is doing”.

Dave spoke about how if people you don’t notice or remember your ad, then it is money wasted, “it’s just pollution”. Reminding us that it’s the advertisers to get their  client to be part of the 4% of ads that are remembered positively, or the 7% that is remembered negatively, or at least in that 11% that are noticed and remembered. That’s because too many in marketing went to university and studied advertising as an academic subject, and learned a set of rules.

Dave, bringing us through stories front his early days in the industry emphasised the importance of using your “street smarts” and thinking like a “punter” who just wants to know “what’s in it for me” when it comes to advertising. We need to make sure that we answer that question for them. Dave also advised the audience to  remember the power of the “simple, timeless human truth” in advertising. Even though Dave spoke from the perspective of someone who’s worked on the biggest brands, his ideas will work for everybody. His approach is all about doing what works – not what you think should work, or what your peers approve of, or what seems ‘good’ by some external standard.

TAM Ireland Long Lunch 2022


The Long Lunch will be back in October 2023.


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