Viewing Trends

TAM Ireland Commercial Channels reached an average of 74.7% of individuals each week in May 2020. Individuals watched on average of 155 minutes (2 hours 35 minutes) each day in May 2020. Read our May TV Viewing Report here

Date added: 10/06/2020 Viewing Trends

Irish people watched on average of 176 minutes (2 hours 56 minutes) each day in April 2020-up 11% on April 2019. Similar to March 2020, viewing of news and current affairs programming remained high while we also saw an increased appetite for comfort TV. Read our April TV Viewing Report here

Date added: 14/05/2020 Viewing Trends

The Easter weekend of 2020 was a very different one. While, thankfully the good weather offered us some respite from the current restrictions, Irish people also continued to embrace TV viewing with year-on-year increases in time spent watching TV over the past week. Download Week 15 of our TV viewing report which gives the most up-to-date analysis of shifts and trends in TV viewing.

Date added: 16/04/2020 News, Viewing Trends