Reasons to Pay Attention to TV

If you haven’t heard of attention, as Karen Nelson-Field says, you’ve been living under a rock for the past year. As an industry, we’ve never been more aware of how hard it is to get people’s attention and how difficult it is to drive trust and creativity, and be unmissable. With this in mind, TAM Ireland asked Red C Research and Amplified Intelligence to conduct the first ever piece of research on attention across AV in Ireland.  You can view the results here


The drivers of profitability

Research from Thinkbox and accelero that gives an up-to-date, evidence-based checklist that marketers can look at to see what the major drivers of profitability are.


“Ad People” and “Normal People” 2023

Our new TVland V Adland piece of research for 2023 is an update to previous studies examining the difference between the perception of media and the media consumption habits of the Irish public and media professionals. Check out the key findings and download the charts.


International Research on the power of TV in the attention economy

In today's digital age, the concept of attention has become increasingly valuable. Brands understand the impact of this new metric, recognizing that the greater the ad attention, the greater the business results. As the TV industry is building a more sophisticated understanding of ad attention, The Global TV Group has created a compilation of relevant research on the topic.


TV’s Cross Channel Impact

Reach from Think TV in Australia shows that Total TV delivers the strongest brand impact of all media channels and that it can also generate the strongest cross-media interactions.


New Video Consumption Data Shows Broadcaster TV outshines Streaming offerings

TAM Ireland have been busy building a Total Video Panel which is representative of all TV Households and measures viewing across all devices in the household.


TV burns bright and long:optimising the media mix for maximum business growth

New research from Think TV in Australia as part of "The Payback Series" examines the ability of media to optimise campaign return on investment (ROI).


Ireland’s Adland Survey 2021

As an industry we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends and keeping up with the newest gadgets and offerings. But what if those technological and culturally forward behaviours are skewing our perceptions about how the general Irish population consume media and technology? How accurate are our assumptions about the populations media usage?


The Global TV 2021 Research Deck-A single databank about the power of TV Advertising

The Global TV Group has released its Global TV Deck for 2021 - showcasing how TV drives business outcomes. This brand-new research collection is indispensable for marketers seeking to make the most informed decisions regarding their ad investments – illustrating how TV drives business outcomes and provides them with the best leverage for their marketing activities.


Reopening Ireland Tracker Study-Complete Results

Back in March 2020, life as we knew it shifted. The things that we took for granted just weeks before temporarily ground to a total halt. TAM commissioned B&A to conduct the Reopening Ireland Tracker Study to conduct a real-time study in conjunction with the loosening of restrictions in Ireland (May-September) to see how Irish people were reacting to the monumental changes in their lives. Read the results here


TV captures the attention of your target audience

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