Reopening Ireland Tracker Study-Complete Results

Back in March 2020, life as we knew it shifted. The things that we took for granted just weeks before temporarily ground to a total halt. TAM commissioned B&A to conduct the Reopening Ireland Tracker Study to conduct a real-time study in conjunction with the loosening of restrictions in Ireland (May-September) to see how Irish people were reacting to the monumental changes in their lives. Read the results here

8/10/2020 - Research

TAM Ireland Tracker: Reopening Ireland Phase 2

This is the second of our 5 studies that will coincide with the reopening of Ireland. The field work was conducted from June 11th-15th 2020. In this survey, we find that over the last four weeks there has been an increase in the number of people working full time outside the home, along with a corresponding decline in the proportion of adults who are currently furloughed.

24/06/2020 - General News, News, Research

TAM Ireland Tracker: Reopening Ireland Phase 1

TAM Ireland commissioned B&A to conduct a nationally representative survey of just over 300 Irish Adults from the Acumen Panel to understand people’s personal finances, purchase intent and view of the media. This is the first of 5 studies that will coincide with the reopening of Ireland. The field work was conducted from May 22nd – 25th 2020.

4/06/2020 - General News, News, Research

2019 TV Advertising Revenue the highest in 9 years

Total advertising spend on TV in 2019 was the highest it’s been since TAM Ireland started reporting on actual TV Commercial Revenue.

15/05/2020 - News, Research

Our Video World: The Needs that Drive Us

Video is firmly entrenched in our lives. Whether we’re snuggling on the sofa for an evening of telly or killing time on our mobiles before the bus arrives, the opportunities to watch have never been greater. The results from our Irish research study detangles the role that video plays in our lives, to determine how the different video formats coexist and why viewers choose to invest their time in a range of video platforms.

12/03/2019 - Research

Social Engagement with TV Shows in Ireland.

TAM Ireland are now working with Engager. Engager’s innovative software mines the world’s top social media APIs and uses AI and TV industry-specific machine learning technology to rank the engagement, reactions and sentiment of Irish TV audiences. The data enables us to fully understand the powerful connection between audiences and TV programmes.

15/02/2018 - Research

Who Owns What – July 2017

Exploring data from the Establishment Survey to give us an overview of trends in hardware ownership in Ireland

5/07/2017 - Research

Switched On 2016 – Matt Hill – Thinkbox

The Truth about Youth: media and advertising uncovered.

19/10/2016 - Research

Switched On 2016 – Jim Power – Economist

The economic future - whats in store for consumers?

17/10/2016 - Research

Switched On 2016 – Justin Sampson – BARB

Project Dovetail - progressing to a hybrid future, with people watching TV in a digital age.

17/10/2016 - Research

TV captures the attention of your target audience

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