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Across four lunchtime sessions in February and early March we met with representatives from brands, broadcasters and agencies who discussed how they have made TV advertising work so successfully for their brand.

The 40 minute webinars gave the opportunity to learn from TV success stories; understand the long and short-term benefits of TV advertising and explore what makes effective advertising campaigns for brands.

We have created a deck of “nickable” slides on each topic which are free for you to download

You can watch the 4 webinars on demand and download the corresponding nickable slides decks below

Session 1: The Effectiveness of TV Advertising

Brands that want to improve marketing effectiveness need to balance long- and short-term effects and ensure they don’t forget about the importance of creativity, according to marketing effectiveness experts.

We spoke with Paul Dervan, CMO at The National Lottery, and Shane Lynch Marketing Manager at Supervalu, and with Oscar Kennedy from RTÉ about measurement, creativity and those all important long- versus short-term effects.

Watch the full webinar on demand and download the “nickable slides” on the effectiveness of TV Advertising below.

Session 2: TV Beyond the Spot

There is a world of effective ways beyond spots where brands can partner with broadcasters to bring them even closer to the TV content people want to watch.

We spoke to the teams behind TAMI winning case studies Sinead Manly, Head of Client Service at PHD Ireland and Maura Ashe, Managing Partner of UM Ireland about how they created effective TV sponsorships and partnerships and the resulting positive brand associations. In this session we are also joined by Frankie Carty – Head of Agency Business at Virgin Media Television.

Watch the full webinar on demand and download the “nickable slides” on TV Beyond The Spot below.

Session 3: TV’s Rapid Response

TV tends to be regarded as the primary medium for delivering strong brand awareness. But what about the need to generate results immediately? For many campaigns, the short-term impacts of TV can often be hidden or overlooked.

In this session we spoke about TV’s ability to generate business demand in the short-term with Conor Gilmore Senior Media Manager at Like Charity and Jill Downey, Managing Director of Core Sponsorship and Fiona McCann Sales Director of Medialink and 4 Sales.

Watch the full webinar on demand and download the “nickable slides” on TV’s Rapid Response below.

Session 4: TV on a Small Budget

Advertising on TV in Ireland is both an affordable and, more importantly, an extremely cost effective option for all businesses, whether they are large or small and irrespective of who they are trying to target.

In this session we spoke about TV’s ability to generate growth even with more limited budgets. We spoke with Mark Hopkins from Hopkins Communications, Emmet Reidy from Advantage Media, Fergal O’Connor from Buy Media HQ and Malcolm Murray from Sky Media Sales Ireland.

Watch the full webinar on demand and download the “nickable slides” on TV Advertising on a Small budget below.

The Effectiveness of TV Advertising

Advertising: TV Beyond the Spot

TV Advertising's Rapid Response

TV Advertising on a Small Budget

TV captures the attention of your target audience

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