Broadcasters to audit BVOD Player Completion Rates

TAM Ireland has appointed ABC to conduct an audit of commercials on Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) to confirm the AV Play Completion Rate. All players will be audited by ABC over the coming months and the bar is set very high – the agreed metric is that on average at least 95% of commercial AV Plays are fully completed - viewed 100%.

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TAM Ireland release 1st six months data from Total Video Panel 

TAM Ireland along with Nielsen have been building a Total Video Panel that represents the viewing activity across All Devices and All Services in TV Households with a Fixed Broadband Connection.  The collected data is based on actual viewing activity and the viewing is metered in 450 households, across all devices in the household.  This is a very exciting development for the industry and the findings from the first 6 months of this year reveal the viewing habits of the nation across all video for the first time

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Adland-We want to hear your views!

It has been a few years since our last Adland survey where we explored the differences in media consumption and perception between the average person in Ireland and those who work in media. We are refreshing the study for 2023 to again explore the differences between the general public (’normal’ people) and ad industry professionals across areas … Continued

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Ad Value Initiative

TAM Ireland and Radiocentre Ireland have joined forces to launch Ad Value, an initiative to produce detailed evidence demonstrating the return on investment from advertising in the Irish market. Miix Analytics, a Canadian based marketing mix modelling company have been appointed to run the project which involves collating evidence from existing econometric studies carried out … Continued

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Top 50 TV Programmes 2022

TAM Ireland/Nielsen Media released the viewing figures for 2022 that show how much the viewing public in Ireland love TV. Here is the list of the top 50 programmes for 2022

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New Video Consumption Data Shows Broadcaster TV outshines Streaming offerings

TAM Ireland have been busy building a Total Video Panel which is representative of all TV Households and measures viewing across all devices in the household.

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TV Inflation in Context

It’s been a very strong 6 months for TV advertising in 2022 with total revenue up almost 7% yoy and up 10% on 2019 to €127m.

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Total Broadcaster Ad revenue up in first half of 2022

It’s been a very strong 6 months for TV advertising in 2022 with total revenue up almost 7% yoy and up 10% on 2019 to €127m.

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TAM Ireland TV Showcase 2023

Register for the TAM TV Showcase-taking place on September 22nd

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TV ad revenue up 12% in Quarter 1

Read how TV ad revenue was up 12% in Quarter 1 2022

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TV captures the attention of your target audience

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