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  1. The Best Irish Christmas TV Ads
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The Best Irish Christmas TV ads

1)Guinness Christmas Ad. This iconic Christmas TV ad was filmed in Ireland and first broadcast in 2011.

2) Denny Christmas Ad. According to Denny, the ad was filmed on Christmas Day 2009 and features five-year-old Katie Bradbury from Sandyford receiving her Christmas presents, which means that her reaction was totally genuine. All together now: “he’s a wery dud Santy”

3) 2015 Vodafone Christmas Ad. This ad is a tear tearjerker and will strike a chord with anyone with family abroad.


4) ESB Christmas Ad.  This ad from ESB (now Electric Ireland) was broadcast in Ireland in the late 80s and early 90s. Although it won’t be the case for everyone this year because of work or other commitment,s we’re sure that wherever you are in the world you can identify with the sentiment. Oh and do you recognise the returning son?! Its Alan Hughes from Ireland AM on Virgin Media One!

5) An Post-Walking in the Air. This Christmas ad was first released in 2005. An Post have released other Christmas ads since but this one remains a firm favourite.

6) Pennys. “Penneys, got a whoooooole lot of things for Christmasssssss.” This ad first aired on TV in 1990! This jingle is still used on their radio ads but hasn’t been used on TV since 1996.


Irish TV creative brilliance from 2018

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