A record year for Broadcaster TV Advertising

Advertisers put their faith in Broadcaster TV advertising to reach out to consumers across Ireland in 2021. Total revenue for the Irish broadcast TV Advertising Industry in 2021 was €281,472,190 – a whopping 21% increase on 2020 and 13% up on 2019 figures.

TV’s ability to effectively reach audiences at scale was the driving force behind the increase. Official TAM Ireland/Nielsen figures1 show how broadcaster TV dominated our leisure time in 2021 – as a nation we viewed 3.7 billion hours of TV!

The average Irish adult in a TV home watches for 2 hours 47 mins every day – that’s almost 20 hours a week that each of us spend with our favourite form of entertainment.
84% of daily viewing is consumed live, (i.e. viewed as it is scheduled), and 16% watched as catch up.

TV advertising plays a really important role in the economy by ensuring brands stay connected with their consumers, promoting product and service benefits. This was evident from the massive growth seen in online companies using TV to reach their customers and promote their businesses – now the 3rd biggest category of TV advertisers behind Telecoms/TV services and Grocery
Television continues to deliver on the key pillars of trust and scale and its proven ability to build brands through mass reach and emotional connection is recognised across industry.
The future looks bright for TV in Ireland as January 2022 figures show a 14% uplift from the same period in 2021.
These figures, compiled by Guardian Management Accounting on behalf of TAM Ireland include spot, sponsorship, product placement, AFP and Broadcaster VOD revenue.

Source: TAM Ireland/Nielsen Media Ireland, National, Total TV, Consolidated, adults 15+, average mins per person.