ADFX Awards

Lidl (Ladies Gaelic Football)

" We used media that would create stature, using a mix of high impact outdoor and TV, which launched with 60 seconds allowing us to shine a light on how passionately and seriously women played Ladies Gaelic Football." (2018 Lidl)

20/11/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


"We had to build a long-term communications platform that grew consideration and brand trust. To deliver on this role we decided to focus on the most trusted media channels – TV and Video on Demand (VOD)." (2018 Energia)

20/11/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies

Lidl (The basket that grew up to be a trolley)

"Media approach: our focus was on impact channels –high impact, longer length TV; large format outdoor,high impact digital and press." (2018 Lidl)

5/11/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


"The Wait’ campaign was led by national OOH and TV demonstrating physical presence and coverage." "At this stage, we began to substantially increase our investment in TV demonstrating the confidence of a national network and recruiting non-users through emotion-led media. (2018 Vodafone)

23/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


"We had to maintain a significant TV presence. New news campaigns boost TV ROI– we needed to focus on using TV to tell the big news for launch, not get bogged down in the detail of product offers. An increase in the weight of VOD increases the impact of TV spend – we un-weighted significantly for our launch campaign, and incorporated bespoke executions to optimise view-through rates." (2016 Virgin Media launch)

23/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies

Bord Gais

"A good TV ad with a compelling and distinctive message can move a nation in a way few levers of business can." (2016 Bord Gais)

23/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


TV was dedicated 70% share of the budget because mums with young babies consume a much higher proportion of their media within the home, and this medium is still the best channel for building fame and emotion. The biggest increases in share for Ireland corresponds directly with our TV ad being on air" (2016 WaterWipes)

23/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies

McDonnells Curry Sauce

"TV was selected as the lead medium due to its proven efficiency on FMCG return on investment. We extended TV reach, particularly for our younger target, by utilising online video through TV players (RTÉ, 4OD etc.) and YouTube – working our TV assets hard. Our campaign managed to revitalise and reframe this much-loved product but largely invisible brand into a modern Irish brand using largely a single execution which was broadcast on TV and VOD, with very limited price promotion. It clearly demonstrates the power of advertising in building both a brand and sales." (2016 McDonnells Curry Sauce)

20/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


"Our strategy called for a brand response media strategy. We needed the power of TV to alter category perceptions and brand perceptions so PhoneWatch reversed declining sales by using a powerful combination of primarily TV and digital." (2016 Phonewatch)

20/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies


"A heavyweight, high-impact AV strategy was developed to land the new brand identity quickly with consumers. Sixty-second commercials dominated the key terrestrial TV stations as well as their accompanying players. The TVC had the highest brand ad cut through on record across 31 brand ads tested by Red C." (2016 Eir)

20/07/2018 - ADFX Awards, Case Studies

TV captures the attention of your target audience

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