Ireland’s Top 100 FMCG brands and TV advertising

The Checkout Top 100 Brands ranking is a showcase of the biggest players in Ireland’s FMCG sector. Being included on the list, is a huge achievement for any brand and maintaining and indeed, increasing your brand’s position on the list is an even bigger feat.  This year TAM Ireland wanted to explore the relationship between the top brands in Ireland and TV advertising. Our research showed that TV remains a colossal force in brand building where:

  • 72 of the Top 100 brands used TV advertising in the 12 months to 1st April 2020
  • of the Top 100 brands who achieved an increase in brand position 74% had used TV advertising in the same period
  • 78% of brands who lost between 5 and 11 points in brand position, were running no TV or had decreased TV spend yoy.


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