TV can make your brand famous

All marketeers know that building fame and maintaining brand salience and distinction is one of best ways to ensure long term brand growth and strength. TV is a channel that allows brands to deliver this growth-it is stable, regulated, proven, and consumed in mass but is also increasingly connected, targetable, measurable, and flexible. Linear TV is proven to deliver outstanding effectiveness with a still huge audience and reliable ROI.
While a brands sales volume and resulting position on the Checkout Top 100 Brands list can influenced by a huge number of factors- marketing, environmental, consumer, financial- looking that this year’s Checkout Top 100 Brands list we can see the point about brand growth and advertising, in particular TV advertising, reinforced.

TAM Ireland looked at the Checkout Top 100 brands in Ireland and examined the impact that changes to their TV advertising may have had on their Top 100 ranking now and into the future.

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