Worldwide figures confirm the effectiveness of TV advertising

Trade bodies and broadcasters around the world have joined forces for the third time to release figures on TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium.

How people watch TV globally is remarkably similar, despite local differences in video offerings and tech capabilities. This deck-featuring data from 27 countries, The Global TV Group’s latest deck is now available

A few quick headlines:

  • TV’s global monthly reach is above 95%

    In most of the included countries, TV’s monthly reach is over 95%. Even in countries with the lowest reach (Poland, USA, Switzerland and Australia) it is still 89%

  • The remarkable resilience of linear

    The deck shows that there has been a significant increase in access to the internet over the past decade, doubling in many countries or, in the case of Ecuador, up from 6% of households in 2006 to 87% of households in 2019! Despite the increased penetration of the internet, plus the use of devices and growth of subscription services, nearly 70% of countries report that broadcast TV set viewing has remained stable – or even seen an increase – over the last 10 years.

  • TV is effective everywhere

    The bottom line for advertisers is that TV is worth investing in because it pays back. TV is renowned for its ability to quickly drive awareness, launch a product and build a brand. And there is plenty of data from all corners of the globe to prove it.

    The deck shows how, in Australia, TV is the most efficient media channel, almost twice as efficient as Search (which indexes at 57% of TV’s efficiency); how TV improves digital’s performance in France, increasing its sales ROI by 19% due to its ‘halo effect’ on other media; and how, in Mexico, TV generates the highest brand equity, contributing more to brand metrics than any other advertising platform.

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