Lifestyle Data on the TAM Panel


Alongside targeting using the raft of traditional demographics TAM Ireland also captures lifestyle and other media information from panel homes. This can be used to add insight to campaign planning. For example, TV planners can target weekend vs weekday shoppers or people who try to buy Irish goods or people who shop for bargains.
This data is collected from the panel once a year when all individuals on the TV panel over the age of 15 are sent a self-completion questionnaire to capture lifestyle information. The data, which is released in Arianna each year, provides a single-source dataset combining viewing behaviour and lifestyle attributes, which offers additional insights beyond standard demographic profiles.

The information captured through the lifestyle survey includes grocery shopping behaviour; TV viewing decisions; other media consumption; types of websites regularly visited and other questions related to panel member’s spare time and hobbies.
The survey is sent out annually each Autumn and therefore, the data captured through the questionnaire is applied to active panel members at that time. For active panel homes who don’t complete and return the survey, Nielsen carry out a data fusion process to assign lifestyle variables to those individuals. New members who join the panel following the fusion process do not have lifestyle attributes assigned until the next annual questionnaire is issued.

Lifestyle data is supplementary to panel demographic information and is available to use in all Arianna modules. The data enables users to create lifestyle-based demographics and analyse viewing behaviour for groups like ‘those who shop in Tesco’ versus ‘those who shop in Supervalu’ for example. It can also help in planning multi-media campaigns so for example, to optimise a TV and social media campaign it might be useful to know where heavy Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat users are most likely to view. The lifestyle insights data can tell you this and much more.