Plannervision 2020

On Tuesday 28th January ,Plannervision2020 with the theme “measuring what matters” brought together a fantastic line up of industry speakers to share their expert views.

Sinead Cosgrove

Opening the breakfast seminar was Sinead Cosgrove- Head of Brand Planning at Dunnes Stores who spoke about the importance of TV for Dunnes Stores both in the short-term and the long-term. Sinead also spoke about measuring results and the importance of using evidence as opposed to anecdotes and how for Dunnes Stores “TV supercharges other media”.

To view Sinead’s slides click here

Zoe Harkness-Thinkbox, Peter McPartlin,Jill McGrath, Rory Hamiliton, Sinead Cosgrove

Zoe Harkness

Speaking next, Zoe Harkness, Head of Planning at Thinkbox, went through their latest study-Demand Generation- which reveals the most effective, and practical, routes to profitable planning. What media decisions need to be made? What is the impact of these decisions on measurement? What are the trade-offs that marketers must make between speed of return, base-sales growth and risk? Headline findings Zoe spoke about are how the optimum media mix is dependent on six things:

  1. Brand Context
  2. Desired Outcome
  3. Fulfioment Costs
  4. Diminishing Returns
  5. Payback timescale
  6. Risk level

To view Zoe’s slides click here

Jill McGrath

Jill McGrath from TAM Ireland spoke about how Irish broadcasters through Irish TAM are a JIC (Joint Industry Committee) working to “measure what matters” in an accountable, trustworthy and equitable way. Jill also gave an update on the streaming meter project.

To view Jill’s slides click here

Rory Hamilton

Rory Hamilton spoke about why we need advertising to entertain audiences more than ever and how entertainment makes the most boring messages memorable.

“Why are we not producing ads as entertaining as the programmes in which they are shown?”

To view Rory’s slides click here

Panel Discussion:Media Auditing – measuring what’s easy or measuring what matters?”

The morning finished with quick 10 minute presentations and then a client panel discussion on Media Auditing featuring FM Marsh- CEO of Ebiquity Marsh, Vivienne McKechnie-Partner in PT78, John Dunne-Director Ignite Digital and Nick Fletcher-Director of Media Insights at Core.

The lively panel discussion covered items such as the importance of auditing, if the focus of audits is moving away from retrospective cost and quality comparisons, what auditors do and measuring what you should and not what you can.

A special thanks so all our speakers and contributors who came together for a great day of information and insights on today’s Television landscape. Through entertaining talks and discussions they offered a lot of food for thought for all those in attendance