TAM Ireland Audit Results

“TAM Ireland is one of the best run services we have reviewed in recent years”

TAM Ireland recently engaged TAM Auditors 3M3A Global to conduct a full end-to-end audit of the TV audience measurement service provided by Nielsen.

The audit included a review of the Establishment Survey, the metering technologies, channel monitoring and content identification, panel management and compliance along with data collection, statistical methodologies and output. As part of the audit, 3M3A visited a random sample of 36 panel households.

In their summary statement, 3M3A said:

“Overall Nielsen Media Ireland runs an excellent service with strong supporting documentation, transparent reporting and experienced staff.  The equipment is accurately measuring viewing behaviour and the edit and processing rules are working as expected.  Panel compliance is consistently high and panellists are comfortable to stay on the panel. Panel relationship management is particularly strong.  We can confirm that the market can remain confident in the TAM Ireland audience measurement results.”

Furthermore, they stated:

“Overall all aspects of the panel are working well, in fact TAM Ireland is one of the best run services we have reviewed in recent years.  Our recommendation would be to continue doing more of the same, which includes both daily operational procedures as well as evolving and refining the service to accurately measure the ever changing TV market.  As we can see from the various documents provided, changes to the panel validation rules, weighting structure and classifications are all carefully considered with change control procedures and parallel testing/impact assessments.  This is the best way to keep moving forward.”


The board of TAM Ireland are very pleased with the outcome and congratulate Nielsen on their performance

Jill McGrath CEO of TAM Ireland said; “Congratulations to Lisa McNulty and her team in Nielsen and congratulations also to those on the TAM Ireland committees, this solid and very positive outcome is as a result of the team in Nielsen delivering a top quality service and working alongside the dedicated industry committees that oversee the delivery of the service in a collaborative and effective manner.”


Lisa McNulty, Managing Director of Nielsen Media Ireland, said:

“Receiving this outcome from 3M3A Global, one of the most respected and experienced media auditing companies globally, is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication to providing a high-quality audience measurement service to TAM Ireland. On behalf of Nielsen, I would like to thank TAM Ireland for its continued support, collaboration, and investment in delivering a trusted and transparent currency measurement for the Irish media industry.”