TAM Ireland release 1st six months data from Total Video Panel 

TAM Ireland along with Nielsen have been building a Total Video Panel that represents the viewing activity across All Devices and All Services in TV Households with a Fixed Broadband Connection. 

The collected data is based on actual viewing activity and the viewing is metered in 450 households, across all devices in the household. 

This is a very exciting development for the industry and the findings from the first 6 months of this year reveal the viewing habits of the nation across all video for the first time. 

The top line findings are that:

  • Broadcaster TV and BVOD takes the largest share of viewing for Adults 15+ with 66% share v’s Netflix 6% and You Tube 7% across all devices.
  • The TV set is the most popular device for viewing with 81% of all viewing activity taking place on the TV Set and 13% on the Smartphone.
  • Advertisers will be delighted to see that for 25-44 yr olds  TV and BVOD also dominate taking a higher share than any other single provider with a 49% share v’s 10% Netflix and 12% You Tube. Across all important demographics for marketeers, TV and BVOD continue to be the dominant player by a clear margin.
  • The figures show that for the first 6 months of the year Irish Adults spent on average 3 hrs and 42 mins every day viewing video content across all devices
  • Sunday is the day of the week when we view the most, with the average person viewing for 4hrs 18 mins. 


The broadcasters outperform all other video services including Netflix, Disney + and You Tube in terms of time spent viewing. This isn’t surprising given the live sports, news, drama and entertainment shows produced everyday by broadcasters, delivering their content in a myriad of formats and across all devices to meet their viewers’ needs.

Please note that one member in agency/broadcaster has access to this data via the Nielsen/Arianna portal. The slides with the above information can be found on the client section of our website