The drivers of profitability

What drives advertising profitability? What are the factors you can focus on that will give you the maximum marketing benefit? How can you work out where to allocate resource?

Back in 2014, Thinkbox working with Paul Dyson, founder of the econometric consultancy Data2Decisions, conducted an analysis which revealed the drivers of profitability (itself an update of work done in 2006). That analysis identified and ranked the ROI multiplier effects of various different advertising considerations.

Well, the media landscape has changed dramatically since these past analyses were carried out and against this backdrop, Thinkbox commissioned Paul Dyson (now co-founder of accelero), to revisit his analysis. How had things changed since 2014?

Click below to read the research on the Thinkbox website that gives an up-to-date, evidence-based checklist that marketers can look to see what the major drivers of profitability are.

Read: The Drivers of Profitability