Total Broadcaster Ad revenue up in first half of 2022

It’s been a very strong 6 months for TV advertising in 2022 with total revenue up almost 7% yoy and up 10% on 2019 to €127m. This is across TV spot, BVOD and partnerships.


Broadcaster Ad investment continues to flourish driven by TV’s key strength of delivering scale at speed and driving real results for advertisers.

The average weekly reach* of commercial TV from Jan – June 2022 was 78.2% for Adults, 74.4% for 25-44 years and a whopping 80% of all Housekeepers with kids viewing each week.

The average Irish adult spent 2 hours and 39 mins viewing* TV every day in the first half of the year.

Broadcasters are also reporting a very strong year for streaming.(based on their own internal figures).

TV is a steady ship in these uncertain times, as marketers navigate choppy unpredictable waters, TV’s proven ability to build brands through mass reach and emotional connection is recognised across industry.
These figures, compiled by Guardian Management Accounting on behalf of TAM Ireland include spot, sponsorship, product placement, AFP and Broadcaster VOD revenue.

*Source: TAM Ireland/Nielsen Media Ireland, National, Total TV, Consolidated, adults 15+, average mins per person & Avg weekly reach