TV Advertising Revenue exceeds €230m in 2020

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and the advertising industry screeching to an almost full stop in March 2020, the TV advertising industry performed remarkably well. Total revenue for the Irish TV Advertising Industry in 2020 was €232,272,561 – a drop of just 7% on 2019. This is a fantastic result given the circumstances and in the context of the advertising industry as a whole, which is estimated to be down 14%.

The power, strength and agility of TV has been evident throughout a time of great change and
uncertainty. The country has been drawn more and more to the TV set for a way to keep informed, educated and entertained throughout the year. Official TAM Ireland/Nielsen figures for 2020 show television dominated our leisure time with the average Irish adult in a TV home watching broadcast TV for 2 hours 58 mins every day* – a 2% increase on 2019.
84% of daily viewing to Broadcast TV is consumed live, (i.e. viewed as it is scheduled), with just 16% watched as catch up. The content produced by TV broadcasters continues to keep us connected and drive conversations across the nation, with relevance being at the heart of its appeal.

TV advertising has also played such an important role, informing, educating, keeping the economy going and ensuring brands stayed connected with their market. Television is continuing to deliver on the key pillars of trust and scale and its proven ability to build brands through mass reach and emotional connection is recognised across industry.
The future looks bright for TV in Ireland. These figures, compiled by Guardian Management Accounting on behalf of TAM Ireland include spot, sponsorship, product placement, AFP and Broadcaster VOD revenue.

*Source: TAM Ireland/Nielsen Media Ireland, National, Total TV, Consolidated, adults 15+, average
mins per person.