TV Overview-September 2021

TAM Ireland Commercial Channels reached an average of 71.6% of individuals each week in September 2021

Individuals watched an average of 131 minutes (2 hours 11 minutes) each day in September 2021.

Saturday Game Live-All Ireland Football Final Live Play on RTÉ 2 on September 11th was the most viewed programme of the month. An average of 944,600 individuals tuned in to the broadcast.

New drama Kin on RTE One on September 12th was the second most viewed programme of the month with an average of 686,600 individuals tuning in.

The new season of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 on Sept 21st had 178,300 individuals tuning in

Our quick overview of TV in September 2021 is below. (A more in-depth overview can be found in our  Client Area)

**Due to transmission issues we currently we have no Commercial activity on the C4 Sales channels from 25th September.