Award Categories

This year the TAMIs have six award categories for you choose from.

As always, the TAMI judges will award a Grand Prix -chosen from the winning campaigns in each category. The winner of the Grand Prix will receive €100,000 worth of TV airtime for their brand. 

Other special awards for particularly deserving entries may be presented at the ceremony.

To enter a campaign the TV activity must have taken place largely within the calendar year January to December 2022, although it can spill over either side of that period to an extent.
For ‘Best ongoing use of TV’ category, the period is a minimum of two consecutive calendar years, one of which must be 2022.



  • This category looks beyond simply great TV planning and buying to focus on the creation of new ideas and new ways of doing things. This can cover any element from sponsorship, to new TV technology, live ads & events, contextual advertising, content creation, multi-screening and video on demand. All these clever uses of technology are liberating TV and adding new dimensions every year.
  • Entrants must explain how they used one or more of these “non spot” TV elements in a new way to good effect.
  • Maximum word count 2,000


  • TV programmes are the reason TV advertising works so well. Aligning a brand to existing programmes – or even to seasons, dayparts and channels – is an excellent way to deliver many brand objectives.
  • Tell us why you have chosen this particular TV property to sponsor and how you have amplified the relationship through TV and other marketing (ie  product placement, licensing, promotions, prizes etc)
  • Maximum word count 2,000


  • TV advertising can offer an immense return for your business and sometimes brands have to be tactical in their planning and/or execution.
  • This could be reacting to a specific moment (a cultural event, political scandal or national occurrence), embracing a very new daypart/day of week mix for your brand, an integrated product placement or other tactical uses of TV such as an advertorial within the ad break. Or maybe your tactics had to change due to a limited budget.
  • Whatever the strategies used we want to hear about how you had to think differently to deliver the best results for your brand/client.
  • Maximum word count 2,000


  • Have you delivered a particularly brilliant TV plan that you’re proud of and that achieved great results for your client?
  • Evidence shows that putting TV at the heart of your plan produces positive results.
  • We’re looking for excellence in planning on linear TV and/or addressable and/or BVOD.
  • Your campaign might be integrated brilliantly with other media or may be an outstanding solus linear TV/BVOD campaign; whatever it is, it needs to have produced excellent results for your client
  • Maximum word count 2,000


  • TV keeps delivering value years after campaigns have aired, so consistent TV advertising can produce exponential returns
  • For this award, entrants need to tell us how they have used TV over two or more years for their brand; how the activity has evolved to produce the best results, and what learnings from each year were taken forward.
  • Entries must feature broadcast TV in every calendar year over the period featured (including the most recent calendar year, 2022)
  • Maximum word count 2,500

BEST TV TEAM (Buying or Planning) OF THE YEAR

With TV advertising proven to deliver the majority of a brand’s marketing-generated profit, being a TV planner/strategist or buyer is a role which carries enormous responsibility for a brand’s success. This exceptional team will have demonstrated that they are committed to innovative TV planning and to exploring and exploiting the world of opportunities that TV in all its forms now offers. Their approaches to TV planning and/or buying will have achieved impressive results for their clients. From helping brands on to TV for the first time to developing sophisticated AV planning systems, to creative collaborations with broadcasters, this team has consistently got the best out of today’s TV.

To enter*, you just need to tell us – in 1,000 words – why you and your team  deserve to win this award

*Your agency or planning or buying team must complete an entry for one of the 5 main TAMI categories in order to enter and be considered for the Best TV Team of the Year Award

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