Hints and Tips – The TAMIS-Ireland’s TV Planning Awards

Before you enter here are some hints and tips for you to read.

Tell a story– we want to hear about you and your business and stories are a great way of doing this. We all like a clear narrative.  Tell the judges your tale with a beginning middle and end.

Choose your category wisely. There may be more than one category which seems relevant to your campaign, so make sure you focus on what you are most proud of. Feel free to enter multiple categories with the same campaign if you wish, but please remember to do a little redrafting to ensure your entry is category specific each time.

Results are vital. Tell us how effective the campaign was. Show the hard evidence that the campaign worked. Demonstrate return on investment, impact on the brand and growth of market share. Previous entries have lost significant marks because they lacked the evidence to support the results or had results that didn’t match the objectives originally set out.

Backup evidence is crucial– Remember to always reference the source.

Follow the Brief– This sounds like an obvious one but if you don’t answer the questions you can’t get the marks – answer each section!

Demonstrate Results– Every campaign has a goal and a target.  What was it?  Did you achieve it?  Did something different happen?

Don’t forget your Assets Please provide high-res logos. A minimum of two will need to be uploaded to cover the Agency and the Client logo. Each entry should be accompanied by a minimum of two high-res images. These might be campaign stills, examples of other media used or other amplification activity; whatever helps visually tell the story of your entry. Each entry should be accompanied by a minimum of one video asset. This should be the TV ads or content in question and should be high quality.

Use the space wisely– don’t waffle, but equally don’t be too concise with your answers. Give as much detail as you feel is necessary to get your point across.

Attention to Detail – Plan before you write and hit send – write out a draft in Word and get someone else to check it for typos and grammatical errors. We’re not looking for Shakespeare but equally your entry is reflective on you and your business so take time to re-read and make sure it makes sense.

Please try to submit your entries early and don’t leave it until the last minute!

TV captures the attention of your target audience

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